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2020-10-30: Favorites in SiDiary even easier

With the current version 6.2.1340 you can edit your favorites list for meter/file imports in SiDiary even easier. Just click on the asterisk next to an entry of your choice in the list of measurement devices to add or remove this device to your favorites. A hint: with the button "Edit list" you can also add or remove all devices from the list at once.

This new update also includes an adjustment to the new format of data from Medtronic CareLink. So if you have a MiniMed insulin pump, you should definitely do it.


2020-08-13: Maintenance work on our servers
On Thursday, 2020-08-20, maintenance work on our servers will take place between 18:00 and probably 18:15 GMT. The service 'SiDiary Online' and our website will not be available during this time. We apologize for this. Details

2020-03-30: New types of graphics: AGP and calendar

With the current version 6.2.1337 SiDiary brings you new graphic types in the statistics. You can now display the conventional AGP-graphic for the glucose profile or get a quick overview with the calendar graphic. Tip: you can also click on the calendar days.

With the practice code your doctor can give you, you can easily share your data with him in SiDiary Online, so that a printout for the next doctor visit is not necessary anymore.


2020-01-10: SiDiary 6: CGMS import simplified

With the current update from 09/01/2020 we have not only added many new blood glucose meters to SiDiary 6, but also simplified the import of files with CGMS/FGM data.

SiDiary now offers an auto-import folder for export files from CareLink, Dexcom, Eversense and Freestyle-Libre, i.e. if you put an export file from one of these devices into this folder (maybe directly while downloading this file) SiDiary will import it automatically.

Additionally SiDiary will also import it if you double click on this file. (Exception: Eversense, for this we can not offer a double click)


2019-11-14: Update for iOS/iPadOS: SiDiary 1.0.30

This update fixes a problem that occurred when using the SiDiary keyboard under iOS 13. You could already use the standard keyboard of iOS, but the keyboard adapted by us makes the data input more comfortable.

This is now available again and can be activated under "More ->Settings ->Keyboard" by deactivating the standard keyboard.


2019-11-08: SiDiary Version 6.2.1335
Maybe you have already seen it: the new version 6.2.1335 is currently available for download on our server.
Besides some minor optimizations (see changelog) new measuring devices have been connected to it: Ascensia Contour Plus, GlucoRX Nexus, Infopia Finetest Lite, Nipro 4sure One, Nipro 4sure Smart, Nipro 4sure Smart Duo, Nipro TRUEyou, Terumo Medisafe Fit und Terumo Medisafe Fit Smile. For the last two you need a Sony NFC pad on the PC to read them out. Details

2019-09-26: SiDiary Version 6.2.1334

With version 6.2.1334 a new function has been added to the selection list of the devices to be read out in addition to minor improvements and bug fixes (see Changelog).

Now you can not only make your favorites visible as before, you can also use a list of the last used devices or make a list of all devices visible with a button.


2019-08-21: Maintenance on our Servers
On Thursday, 08/22/2019, a maintenance job will be done on our servers between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm GMT. The service 'SiDiary Online' and the SiDiary website with the Onlineshop will not be available during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. Details

2018-12-21: SiDiary 6.2 is ready for download
With the new major update (from version 6.1.x to 6.2.x), we have added many new evaluation options, especially for statistics. It is now possible to add further data sources to the graphic type "Glucose profile" for convenient evaluation: Carbs, Basal, Bolus, Excersise. The latter shows the percentage spread of times with and without sensors as well as the frequency and duration of times with low/very low glucose values. In addition, there is a pie chart of the glucose values in the target range ("Time in Range").

The direct print/PDF in the statistics has also been extended in such a way that the pages are optimally utilised depending on the number of graphics displayed.

And last but not least, SiDiary now also handles the new export format of LibreView.

2018-11-01: mylife YpsoPump & SiDiary
With the current version 6.1.1328 of SiDiary the mylife YpsoPump can now also be read via Bluetooth.
Correspondingly, the next extension of the detailed diary is also available: the daily basal profiles are now not only displayed graphically in the diary, but also the basal rates per hour in number form. This display is now freely scalable, so that everyone can set a size that is pleasantly readable for themselves. Details

2018-09-25: Maintenance on our Servers
On Thursday, 09/27/2018, a maintenance job will be carried out on our servers between 10:00 am and 12:00 am GMT. The service 'SiDiary Online' will not be available during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. Details

2018-09-17: New meters and basal rates import
In our current update there is again something exciting: not only that we have added two new devices (the blood pressure monitor Beurer BM55 and the BG monitor Ypsomed mylife Unio Neva), we have also started to import the basal rates programmed in the pump into our basal rate management when reading out insulin pumps.
First only for the Ypsomed mylife Omnipod, but other pumps will be added over time. Details

2018-06-20: Dana Diabecare R & SiDiary

You may have already seen it: with the current update for SiDiary it is now possible to read out the pump "IME-DC Dana Diabecare R" with SiDiary via Bluetooth.
We have described how to connect the pump to Windows in a PDF file, which you can download here: <please click here>

This update also includes an import driver for the Accu-Chek Guide, so you can now read it without the Smart Pix software from Accu-Chek.

Also new is the import driver for the blood glucose meter MSP GlucoSmart Salsa and an import filter for the export files from the Ascensia Contour app.


2018-06-01: Maintenance work on our servers
On Monday, June 4, SiDiary Online and our website will be down from 10:00 to 12:00 due to server maintenance. Thank you for your understanding. Details

2018-05-24: SiDiary and Privacy Policy

As you have certainly heard in all media in the last few days, the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) will come into force on May 25th, 2018.

Since we have always given the highest priority to the special protection of the data entrusted to us anyway, we did not have to make any major changes. What we have had to change to comply with this regulation is our public data protection regulation and privacy policy.

To continue using "SiDiary Online" as before, your consent is required again at this point. Today, we will send an email to all users to indicate that.

All you need to do is log into your SiDiary Online account and agree to the new terms that will be displayed.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


2018-05-16: Automatic recognition of meters

With this update SiDiary can now automatically detect even more devices and provide the import more quickly. These include for example the Beurer GL44, the Fora Diamond Mini USB and the Stada Glucoresult ToGo.

In addition, the devices Acon On Call Express, Testamed GlucoCheck Advance and Menarini GlucoMen areo 2K can now also be read out directly.


2018-01-05: SiDiary & Meters

With the current update to version 6.1.1319, new meters have been added in addition to minor modifications. The 'Ascensia Contour Next One', 'Ascensia Contour Next Link 2.4' and the 'eu-medical easypharm-GL' can now also be read out directly with SiDiary.

So now there are two solutions for the 'Contour Next Link 2.4': either just read out the blood glucose data directly from the meter, or - as before with the import filter 'Ascensia Contour Next Link 2.4 (F)' - import the export file from CareLink with the blood glucose data and the data from the Medtronic insulin pump.


2017-11-28: SiDiary reads the Libre automatically!

For all those who, like us, have been annoyed that Abbott no longer allows us to read out the Libre reader directly, we have good news: with version 6.1.1318, SiDiary can now automatically take over the data from the Libre software.

How this works can be seen in this video: https://youtu.be/lugU53tzMgA

SiDiary detects a Libre-Reader if it is connected to the PC and starts the reading process through the Libre-Software. Afterwards it exports these data automatically into a file and reads it out, so that it's data can be transferred fully automatically into the logbook.

The easiest way to do this is to connect the Libre reader to the PC, then quit the automatically starting Libre software, start SiDiary and watch how SiDiary gets the data from it.

If you have any problems with this, please send an email to info@sinovo.net


2017-09-20: SiDiary and iOS11
Unfortunately, we have found out that under iOS11 the specially developed keyboard for entering digits can no longer handle decimal places.
Until we provide an update, you can continue working with the following workaround: please change the settings. Under' More ->Settings ->Keyboard' you can activate the standard keyboard. After that, you will no longer see the keyboard we created when you type, but the normal iOS keyboard. Details

2017-08-01: SiDiary in a new data processing center

A few weeks ago, SiDiary Online moved to new servers in a new data processing center. In this context, some adjustments were necessary, but these are now for the most part completed. We would like to thank all our users for their patience and understanding towards us at this time.

Thanks to the new servers, we are better able to meet the increased requirements due to our steadily growing user numbers, since in addition to the higher basic performance and failure security, the new servers are also scalable. In times of higher utilization, they can better intercept these load peaks.

In addition, data transmission is now carried out with the latest SSL standards and encryption methods, and it is still cryptographically encrypted during transmission. Also on the server itself all data is stored coded. In the architecture we have also stored strictly seperately personal details on the one side and health data on the other side, so that data can not be assigned by unauthorized persons - even if they could crack it.

Passwords are also irreversibly encrypted according to the best practices (keyword 1,000-fold hash code including random salt). Our system is continuously monitored by security specialists and fully automated with the latest known attacks, so that safety gaps can be detected and closed at an early stage.

SiDiary is now among the few apps that have received the Diabetes App Seal from DiaDigital, because we meet their high security standards and requirements.

With SiDiary you can be sure, that we will spare no effort to ensure the security of your personal data. For this we stand with our good name!


2016-10-10: Win10 and Smart Pix Reader
Good news for all Smart Pix users with Windows 10: since the last major update, Microsoft has changed the handling for MSD (Mass Storage Devices). Since the Smart Pix was also affected by that issue, it couldn't refresh it's status message when all data was received from a meter/pump.
In collaboration with Roche we were able to implement a workaround with update to SiDiary version 6.1.1309. Though the Smart Pix internal HTML app can not benefit from that (and their devices can still not be read with it), it is now possible again to read the data with SiDiary via the Smart Pix reader like before. Details

2016-09-16: Maintenance on SiDiary Online
We're sorry, but because of a server maintenance 'SiDiary Online' is from 12:45 GMT until approximately 13:45 GMT unreachable. We apologize for any inconvenience Details

2016-09-13: SiDiary recognizes meters automatically
Since the SiDiary version 6.1.1308 there is an additional help available: the fully automatic recognition of USB2COM meters when they are connected. These meters, for which a Windows system driver had to be installed, are automatically recognized when connected to the computer by SiDiary and offered to import from it. In the first time it needs to be manually selected from the list of readable devices, but from the second time SiDiary has then learned to which meter this virtual COM port belongs. Details

2016-08-18: SiDiary and Avira

Lately we received some support requests, that when trying to read out meters, users receive error messages and what they can do about it.

We analyzed the problem and found out, that the tool 'Avira Antivirus', which is preferred by many users, is very often the reason. Avira Antivirus prevents, that a configuration file, which is strongly needed for proper operation ability, can be written by SiDiary (in a folder, which is created from and must be writable for SiDiary).

We already reported this to the producers of Avira, but so far there was no change made by Avira.

To solve this matter, there are two different ways:
Either you click on the 5. button from the left in the SiDiary toolbar (Download blood glucose meter/insulin pump) several times. With each new attempt there will be written more of the file, until it's completed after 3 or 4 attempts - then it will show no more error messages.

Or you can add the folder, where SiDiary stores this and other configuration and data files, to the exceptions of the antivirus program. We described the how to in an illustrated manual on this page:


2016-08-09: Libre and mysugr
With today's update the direct import from Abbott Freestyle Libre in SiDiary is rounded. With the original Libre software you can add your own notes, which are then transmitted to the reader. So you can add these short texts after a scanned reading. With the update to version 1.6.1306 SiDiary reads these self-defined notes and adds them to the logbook as remarks.

Another cool new feature is aimed at users who use on their smartphone or tablet the software 'mysugr'. With the current version of SiDiary now you can also import the export files, which you can send to yourself from mysugr as a CSV file via email.


2016-05-19: SiDiary 6.1 available
SiDiary 6.1 is now available for all users as a free update!
With this new version we have not only introduced a new, brighter layout, but also a significant improvement of touch operations on tablet PCs with Windows operating system.

Another cool feature is the integration of CGMS- and Libre data. You can now select in the detail logbook, whether you like to see the blood glucose levels as a table like in the previous version or the curve with the CGMS- or Libre data for that day. This makes it much easier to complete the logbook and add useful details for your diabetes team.
(Of course, you can print your data also included with this new graph)

Another highlight for users of Freestyle Libre from Abbott: the data can be read with version 6.1 directly from the Libre reader into SiDiary, so that it is no longer necessary to export them first from the Libre software.


2016-03-24: Problem with syncing finally solved
Dear users of SiDiary for Android,

after we have issued on Monday for the app itself another update to version 1.0.37, we can finally report today after several days of intense observation, that the problem with the synchronization has been solved.
We sincerely thank the beta testers, who have contributed with their reports significantly to solve this issue.

Kind regards,
Your SiDiary team Details

2016-03-14: Problem with Android Update
Dear users of SiDiary for Android,

Unfortunately our update from last Friday leads some users to an error message when trying to connect to SiDiary Online. This happens both when syncing, and when you register.

Our developers are working hard on the analysis of this error, and as quickly as possible we will provide a correction update.

If you are affected by this problem, we ask you for your patience and apologize explicitly for this inconvenience. We will provide then immediately with news on this topic.

Your SiDiary team Details

2016-02-24: Firewall Update
On Friday, March 04, 2016, our administrators will make a scheduled update on our firewall. Therefore our website and also 'SiDiary Online' can not be reached on that day in the time between 06:15 to 07:15 GMT. We apologize for this short break. Details

2015-11-20: Problem with some DNS server
We're very sorry, but since noon yesterday there are problems with some DNS servers, so that a connection to our server with 'SiDiary Online' is not possible.
Our Admins have done everything to resolve this problem, but unfortunately it still takes some time before these changes are spreading to all DNS servers.
Unfortunately we have no impact on these servers and how fast they will be updated. But it should be during this day we guess. Details

2015-11-05: Maintenance on SiDiary Online
On Saturday, 07.11. from 18:00 - 19:00 GMT SiDiary Online will be unavailable due to a server maintenance. Our Admins will install security updates then. Thank you for your understanding. Details

2015-07-24: SiDiary y Windows 10
La prxima semana es el da: Windows 10 ya saldr. Y, por supuesto SiDiary funciona bien en el nuevo Windows. Aqu puedes encontrar ms informacin: Por favor haz clic aqu



2015-06-11: Maintenance on SiDiary Online
On Tuesday, 16.06. from 10:00 - 13:00 GMT SiDiary Online will be unavailable due to a server maintenance. Our Admins will install security updates then. Thank you for your understanding. Details

2015-05-17: False positive Malware Alarm for SiDiary
Incorrect virus alarm for SiDiary6.exe

Currently the Antivirus tools Avast, Avira and Dr. Web recognizes a non-existent threat in SiDiary (False positive alarm). So we advise our users to add SiDiary to the exceptions of this tools until we habe clarified this issue with the manufacturer of these programs.

Here is a scan report from 60 different virus scanners:
Please click here

As you can see there the file is correctly classified as harmless from most antivirus software (Like Nicrosoft, Kaspersky, F-Secure and many others.

Here is a guide to the exceptions under Avast

Here the same for Avira Details

2015-05-06: SiDiary available for Windows Phone!
After long weeks of intensive testing we have now also released an app for Windows Phone 8/8.1. Along with the available apps for Android and iOS we were able to add SiDiary to another operating system for modern smartphones. The Windows Phone app can also be synchronized too with an account at SiDiary Online, our cloud solution, and thus fits seamlessly into the overall system 'SiDiary'.
(Consisting of a PC version for reading meters and insulin pumps, an online version as a link and apps for smartphones/tablets to collect data anytime and anyplace.)

The Windows Phone app can be downloaded here in the Windows Phone App Store


2014-11-18: SiDiary and Abbott Freestyle Libre
With the new update for SiDiary you can also import the export the files from the software of the Abbott Freestyle Libre into SiDiary!

We recommend that you import it as CGMS data type as an entry of all data as blood sugar value would be too many data for the table. The CGMS data type you can be disabled for the logbook by using the menu 'Diabetes Profile ->Data types'. However, you can add this CGMS data type in the statistics as an additional data source.

In addition, you can extract with the CGMS-AddIn from our download area individual values of this data type and add to the logbook as a blood sugar value. Details

2014-07-11: Maintenance on our Server
On monday, 14.07. from 11:00 - 13:00 GMT SiDiary Online and our website will be unavailable due to a server maintenance. Thank you for your understanding. Details

2014-04-11: New Android Version
The new version 1.0.26 of the Android app will be available throughout the day at Google Play. We have changed a lot again:
  • The way in which the bolus is to be taken from the bolus calculator can now be freely chosed in the Profile. Either separately in correction- plus mealbolus (eg 3+7) or as total (eg 10)
  • The event list will now be synchronized too when synchronizing the app with SiDiary Online. So events can be selected from a list, as in the PC version
  • The layout and operation of the Time Pickers in the single value entry was again revised/improved
  • On some devices the target range for blood sugar was difficult to change. This has been fixed
  • Plus some other minor bug fixes

2014-04-09: Problems with our Server solved
Our Admin colleagues were able to stabilize the affected systems. They are available entirely since noon but still under special monitoring. Details

2014-03-26: New Update for SiDiary
With the latest update for SiDiary to version 6.0.1286 new opportunities are added in addition to various bug fixes:
  • SiDiary imports now the new Withings file formats version 2, 3 and 4
  • Abbott Freestyle InsuLinx can now be read directly (without previous export)
  • We've added the devices Abbott Freestyle Precision Neo, Bayer Contour Next Link, Sanofi Aventis MyStar Extra, Wellion Calla Mini and Wellion Luna Duo Style
  • The program now also synchronizes the local food database from the PC to the online account. This makes user-added foods available there too

2013-12-12: Maintenance on SiDiary Online
On wednesday, 22.05. from 12:15 - 13:15 GMT SiDiary Online will be unavailable due to a server maintenance. The SINOVO website will not be affected by this. Details

We from SINOVO would like to know what you are thinking about diabetes software: what do you like well? What is not so good? What do you miss maybe even? For this reason, we have launched a major survey and as a thank-you we will make a sweepstake to all participants who completed the survey with a couple of very attractive prizes. E.G. an iPad 3, a Samsung Galaxy S2 and an iPod Touch with Retina display. We look forward to your active participation! Go to the survey and the conditions of participation with that link: https://www.sinovo.net/survey-2130.asp?IDSprache=3 Details

2012-09-02: AutoSync for Android
With the current version (1.0.12) of the Android app, you can now automate the synchronization with SiDiary optional. Either when you exit the app or at midnight each day. Of course, both in combination is possible too.
You can find this option under 'Setup -> Settings -> Synchronization. Details

2012-05-04: Update for SiDiary Online
With today's update SiDary Online will not only get a new look, but also a new feature: under 'Data -> Import' you can now also enable the import of your data from the iBGStar app.

You get a personal e-mail address to which you can send the data from the app. If you then login to SiDiary Online the CSV-file sent from the app is available for importing and the data can be taken over by a simple mousclick.

Please do not forget to assign in the import settings at SiDiary Online the names of your insulin.

By the way: if you synchronize your PC version of SiDiary or the SiDiary App then the data will be transmitted to it too of course.... Details

2012-04-05: Maintenance on SiDiary Online
On thursday, 02.02. from 13:00 - 14:00 GMT SiDiary Online will be unavailable due to an update with a new program version. The SINOVO website will not be affected by this. Details

2012-01-24: SiDiary Online and PDF
From now on you can create and download your reports in SiDiary Online not only in Word or Excel format, but also in PDF. So it's easier to save them or send them by eMail to your doctor. Details

2011-11-08: iPhone Update available
An update to version 1.0.8 is now available at iTunes. With it a problem is fixed, that may have caused in some cases to change the time slices to 00:00

Please download and install this update to your iOS device. Then you will be able to sync again with SiDiary Online.

The sync between 1.0.7 and SiDiary Online will still be disabled for security reasons. Details

2011-11-07: iPhone Sync available soon
Due to a bug in the latest iPhone update, the sync between iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and SiDiary online could run into trouble with time slices.

The update that this error has been corrected is currently in testing by Apple and will available in the coming days in the AppStore. Immediately after this we will release the sync to our online server again.

We recommend that all users then should soon as possible - best before the first sync - download and install this update with the number 1.0.8. In addition, we have taken precautions to prevent problems with the existing data. Incidentally, you can also now enter data directly into SiDiary online, if you enter the adress http://diabetes.sinovo.net in your mobile Safari browser Details

2011-11-03: iPhone Sync temporarily unavailable

Due to a bug in the latest iPhone app update, it came to problems during the sync between iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with SiDiary online. In the first sync after the update in some cases the timeslots of the tracked data was changed to 00:00.

An update of the iOS app, with which this problem has been eliminated, has already been submitted to iTunes. If it is available in iTines we will release the sync to the online server again. Details

2011-10-18: Maintenance on 11-01
El sitio web SINOVO no estar disponible a partir de 22:00-23:00 (GMT+1) el martes, 11-01 para un exhaustivo mantenimiento. Details

2011-05-31: SiDiary para Android a partir 1.6
Recien liberado: Despus de una fase intensiva de pruebas podemos ofrecer justo a tiempo para el inicio (meteorolgico) de verano nuestra versin de SiaDiary para Android 'App SiDiary para Android'. El archivo necesario para la instalacin 'SiDiary.apk' se puede encontrar en tu PC despus de una actualizacin o una instalacin nueva. Puedes encontrar informacin adicional sobre cmo instalar SiDiary en tu dispositivo Android, en el programa, men "Archivo -> Instalar dispositivos mviles, si seleccionas 'Android Smartphone'. Si eres el titular de nuestra licencia, puedes registrar esta versin para Android con esa misma licencia.

App SiDiary para Android Android App QR-Code (QR-Code en descarga directa)


2011-05-25: SiDiary en ESpaol
Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que Sinovo sigue creciendo!

Hemos llegado a un acuerdo para tener un reprentante en Mxico para dar soporte a todos nuestros clientes del mundo que hablan espaol, incluyendo Espaa y los pases de Latino Amrica.

Dado que reconocemos que no hay mejor manera de usar una aplicacin que en el idioma propio; ahora todos nuestros clientes que hablan espaol tendrn la experiencia de usar SiDiary en espaol!

Tu ya lo sabes, SiDiary es una agenda para el autocontrol de tu diabetes, desarrollada por diabticos para diabticos! Pues, Gerardo Prez-Ramrez, nuestro representante en Mxico, pertecene a una familia de diabticos. Gerardo est en Oaxaca y te ayudar a resolver cualquier pregunta que pudieras tener acerca de cualquiera de nuestras versiones de SiDiary, antes y despus de tu compra. Gerardo te dar el soporte de primer nivel en espaol as que por favor con toda confianza pregntale en espaol. De hecho nuestro equipo, apoyado por Gerardo, ha estado traduciendo al espaol todo el texto en nuestra pgina en Internet https://www.sidiary.es, los manuales y la aplicacin misma para asegurarnos que nuestros clientes que hablan espaol tengan todo lo que necesitan en espaol.

Gerardo es Ingeniero en energa con amplia experiencia, incluyendo el dar soporte de clase mundial a clientes. Adems tiene la experiencia de operar una farmacia con especial atencin a los pacientes con diabetes. Estamos seguros que puedes depender de Gerardo para recibir todo el soporte que necesitas. Details

2011-05-17: SiDiary, BGStar y Verio Pro
Ahora con la versin actual de SiDiary puedes descargar directamente los datos desde tu medidor de glucosa en sangre 'Sanofi-Aventis BGStar'. Puedes utilizarlo con un cable de AgaMatrix / Wellion Linus. Actualmente, el controlador (driver) necesario est disponible solamente para sistemas operativos de 32 bits.
Los otros nuevos medidores desde donde puedes importar tus datos son el LifeScan OneTouch Verio Pro y el archivo CSV de la App iPhone Withings WiFi BP. Details

2007-05-29: 400 educadores en diabetes de varios pases se..
CDIZ. La diabetes, a pesar de ser una enfermedad con gran presencia en la sociedad, es an una patologa desconocida incluso para los que la padecen. Estos suelen tener serios problemas para decidir cmo controlar la enfermedad en cada momento para que su nivel de glucosa est siempre, pues es lo ptimo, lo ms cerca posible de los niveles normales de una persona no enferma. El problema es que inciden multitud de factores y que no vale con unas pautas simples. Depende de lo que se come, del ejercicio que se hace, y otra variedad de cuestiones, como las hormonas, el estrs, la fiebre o el propio estilo de vida. Todo esto hace que a veces la persona no sepa por qu hoy tiene unos niveles de "azcar", como se dice vulgarmente, y otro da, unos diferentes.

Por esto es imprescindible que el diabtico conozca mejor su enfermedad y que existan profesionales formados para ayudarles a ello.

Precisamente persiguiendo este objetivo se inaugur ayer en Cdiz el primer encuentro de carcter internacional que organiza la Federacin Espaola de Asociaciones de Educadores en Diabetes (FEAED). La presidenta de la misma, Esther Gil, el presidente del comit organizador y mdico del Hospital Puerta del Mar, Augusto Adrin, as como, Juan Ruiz, jefe de Endocrinologa del Hospital Lausana de Ginebra, explican algunas de las claves que se abordarn a lo largo del encuentro que se prolongar hasta esta noche.

De entrada, Esther Gil, recomienda al paciente que demande a sus mdicos y enfermeras una informacin adecuada y ampla que no se limite a unas simples pautas. Augusto Adrin seala la dificultad de conseguir todo esto pues se "trata de cambiar hbitos adquiridos". Por su parte, adems de insistir en la necesidad de que el diabtico aprenda a autogestionarse, Juan Ruiz aporta una serie de datos que dejan clara la importancia de mejorar el control de esta enfermedad.

As por ejemplo se prev que el nmero de diabticos seguir aumentando y ser "la pandemia del siglo XXI", teniendo en cuenta el aumento de personas y nios obesos. No hay que olvidar adems que la diabetes es la primera causa de ceguera, multiplica por seis las posibilidades de padecer problemas cardiovasculares y, por ejemplo, reduce las expectativas de vida en 10 o 15 aos. Por contra, un estudio realizado en Estados Unidos demuestra que si se consigue, cuanto antes, equilibrar la enfermedad las secuelas sern mucho menores 20 aos ms tarde.

2007-05-29: Cmo repercute la DBT II en la salud de nios...
Una revisin analiza las enfermedades que pueden presentar pacientes tan jvenes.

El trabajo tambin recomienda pruebas mdicas para descartar algunos problemas


- La diabetes tipo 2 se ha considerado durante mucho tiempo una enfermedad de adultos, sin embargo cada vez son ms los nios y adolescentes afectados por este trastorno. Una revisin, publicada en 'The Lancet', muestra las principales complicaciones que puede originar este trastorno cuando se inicia tan pronto.

Hace unos aos, si un nio o un joven presentaba diabetes sola ser la del tipo 1. En esos casos el sistema inmunolgico deteriora las clulas productoras de insulina y el paciente necesita inyectrsela para mantener su salud. En cambio, en la forma 2 el cuerpo s produce insulina pero las clulas son menos sensibles a ella y los niveles de glucosa se mantienen elevados. En principio, con un control adecuado de la dieta y una buena actividad fsica estos diabticos pueden controlar su nivel de azcar en sangre.

Debido al sedentarismo y a los malos hbitos dietticos, desde hace unos 15 aos se estn diagnosticando muchos ms casos de diabetes tipo 2 entre la poblacin infantil. As, si antes esta forma era responsable de menos del 3% de todos los casos de diabetes en adolescentes estadounidenses, ahora lo es del 45%.

Por este motivo, es importante conocer el tipo y la frecuencia de posibles complicaciones que pueden aparecer en esta poblacin. Esto es lo que han pretendido Orit Pinhas-Hamiel y Philip Zeitler, del departamento de endocrinologa peditrica del Sheba Medical Center en Tel-Hashomer (Israel), a travs de una revisin de estudios que ha publicado la revista 'The Lancet'.

El trabajo muestra que algunos estudios han detectado que un alto porcentaje de jvenes con diabetes tipo 2 presenta cetoacidosis diabtica (una situacin grave derivada de la acumulacin de sustancias generadas en el metabolismo de las grasas) y descompensacin hiperosmolar (la cifra de glucemia est por encima de 600 mg/dl lo que puede conducir a la muerte). Tambin la tensin arterial puede estar elevada en estos pacientes, de hecho, las investigaciones apuntan que la hipertensin es tan frecuente como en los diabticos tipo 1.

Segn la revisin, estos jvenes desarrollan antes complicaciones microvasculares, como nefropata (enfermedad del rin) o retinopata (deterioro de la retina). En muchos casos estos trastornos estn presentes en el momento del diagnstico. La progresin de estas patologas parece que es ms rpida que en las personas con diabetes tipo 1.

Aunque algunos estudios han mostrado la presencia de neuropatas, como disfuncin erctil o enfermedad vascular perifrica, los autores de la revisin sealan que no hay suficientes datos para poder extraer una conclusin sobre este tipo de complicaciones.

En cuanto a los problemas cardiovasculares, la informacin es escasa. Un estudio realizado en Hungra mostr un aumento de la tensin arterial nocturna (predictor de riesgo coronario) y debilidad del tabique auricular del corazn en algunos de los 22 nios valorados. Un trabajo japons en el que participaron 1.065 personas con diabetes tipo 2 diagnosticada antes de los 30 aos detect que un pequeo porcentaje de stas desarroll aterosclerosis.


Por otro lado, los autores sealan que los pediatras no cuentan con guas como las establecidas para las personas con diabetes tipo 2 para controlar su hipertensin o sus niveles elevados de colesterol. Si no se establece un tratamiento que frene estas alteraciones es muy probable que se desarrolle alguna patologa cardiovascular o que aumente el riesgo de muerte.

En 2003 la Academia Americana de Pediatra, junto con otras instituciones, elaboraron unas guas para mejorar la atencin mdica de los nios con diabetes tipo 2 de origen indio americano o nativos de Alaska (estas poblaciones presentan ms tasas de este trastorno en la infancia).

En ese informe se recomendaba realizar pruebas para detectar o descartar tanto proteinuria como microalbuminuria (presencia de protenas o albmina en la orina). Algunos estudios han mostrado que estas alteraciones progresan ms en los nios con diabetes tipo 2 y, son las seales ms tempranas de la nefropata. La progresin de este trastorno puede conducir a una enfermedad renal terminal.

Se aconseja realizar un anlisis en el momento del diagnstico y al mes o tres meses para conocer los niveles de colesterol y triglicridos. La gua tambin recomienda llevar a cabo test para conocer la funcin heptica, ya que las investigaciones muestran que estos nios pueden tener elevadas las enzimas hepticas.

Una exploracin del fondo del ojo est indicada al poco tiempo de detectar la diabetes para conocer el estado de la retina. Esta prueba se deber repetir cada ao ya que algunos estudios sealan que en estos jvenes la retinopata aparece antes.

Segn los autores de la revisin, estas guas podran ser adecuadas para todos los adolescentes con diabetes tipo 2. Iniciar pronto estas medidas podra tener beneficios al mejorar las complicaciones y mortalidad, "este tratamiento no debera posponerse y debera comenzar junto con una vigilancia adecuada", sealan.

No obstante, los autores de la revisin sealan que este trabajo presenta algunas limitaciones ya que los estudios analizados eran muy variables y algunos de los participantes pertenecan a poblaciones como la Maor de Nueva Zelanda que presentan ms riesgo de diabetes. Por este motivo hay que ser cuidado al generalizar estas conclusiones.

Finalmente, estos investigadores consideran que tambin se tendran que llevar a cabo estudios a largo plazo para valorar esta pauta de tratamiento.


2007-05-29: La diabetes pasa desapercibida para muchas...
La enfermedad es la sexta causa de muerte y no siempre se diagnostica a tiempo.


La diabetes es la sexta causa de muerte en el pas, con una prevalencia de 6,1%, lo que quiere decir que por cada cien habitantes seis son diabticos.

Sin embargo no todas las personas que la sufren estn al tanto de ello.

Irene Stulin, mdico del Servicio de Endocrinologa del Hospital Vargas, explica que no se sabe exactamente cuntas personas sufren de diabetes y desconocen su situacin "pero sabemos que por cada paciente que le diagnosticamos la enfermedad en consulta, hay otra persona que la padece y no lo sabe porque precisamente no ha sido diagnosticado oportunamente", seala la especialista.

La mortalidad de esta enfermedad, que no es ms que una condicin que impide la correcta utilizacin de los alimentos por parte del organismo, ha mostrado una tendencia creciente en los ltimos aos en el pas: 4,53% en 1996; 5,03% en 1997; 4,87% en 1998; 5,55% en 1999; y 5,64% en 2000.

De acuerdo con Stulin lo que est afectando al venezolano "es su estilo de vida; el sedentarismo es ya parte de nuestras vidas. El apelar a las comidas rpidas, por un lado y la falta de ejercicio por miles de razones entre las que est la inseguridad, porque hay pacientes que no se atreven ni a salir a caminar por temor a ser atracados. Adems est la excusa de que uno se para temprano, no tiene tiempo para desayunar en casa; cuando uno llega al trabajo va y se come una empanada con refresco porque resulta rpido y econmico. Estas cosas aportan mucha grasa y nos sobrecargan de carbohidratos simples".

Nios y jvenes en la mira

Segn la endocrinloga la prevalencia de la enfermedad en el pas se da principalmente en personas con edades comprendidas entre los 45 y los 70 aos, "pero nos preocupa mucho que se ha detectado ltimamente que hay cada da ms nios y adolescentes con diabetes 2, por obesidad, sedentarismo y malos hbitos alimentarios".

La diabetes tipo 2 es una enfermedad que dura toda la vida y est caracterizada por altos niveles de azcar en la sangre.

En pases desarrollados est asociada con personas que estn en edad de retiro laboral.

Stulin recuerda que los pacientes con factores de riesgo son aquellos que tienen antecedentes familiares y en especial los hombres sedentarios, que tienen sobrepeso, asiduos al tabaco y el alcohol; "las mujeres estamos protegidas hasta que llega la menopausia".

Y para evitar que la enfermedad siga inadvertida en la salud de los venezolanos, la endocrinloga del Hospital Vargas su- braya que "la mayora de los hospitales de Caracas tienen servicio de endocrinologa; igualmente algunas cadenas de farmacia del pas tienden a ofrecer servicios de despistaje; hay muchas alternativas para que cada quien pueda enterarse si padece o no de diabetes y de ser necesario acudir a su mdico para recibir la terapia indicada". Aade que hay otras seas en el cuerpo del paciente que indican la posible presencia de la enfermedad. Entre estas seales se mencionan la medida de la circunferencia abdominal.

"La circunferencia abdominal de los hombres no debe medir ms de 90 centmetros y la de las mujeres no ms de 80", precisa la especialista.

Tendencia mundial

Se estima que en Latinoamrica en la actualidad 15 millones de personas sufren de diabetes mellitus y en 10 aos la cifra podra llegar a los 20 millones de enfermos, de los cuales 90% a 95% tendrn la diabetes tipo 2. Para el 2025, la poblacin regional de diabticos podra alcanzar las 40 millones de personas si no se introducen nuevas terapias y/o acciones preventivas.

La terapia de la diabetes no slo consiste en la disminucin de los niveles elevados de glucosa en sangre, sino tambin en la reduccin general de los factores de riesgo de sus complicaciones. Esto incluye el control regular de la presin arterial y los lpidos en sangre. Un correcto control de la glucosa en sangre y de la presin sangunea provoca grandes reducciones en el desarrollo de complicaciones.

La dieta y la actividad fsica pueden reducir el riesgo de desarrollar diabetes tipo 2, indican los especialistas. Pero cuando estos cambios en el estilo de vida no son suficientes, podran ser necesarios los agentes farmacolgicos.

El principal objetivo del tratamiento con medicamentos es regular los niveles de glucosa e insulina, dicen los especialistas. Details

2007-03-12: Sinovo se instala en Barcelona!
Sinovo llega a un acuerdo por el cual abre nuevas oficinas en Barcelona, se crea as el rea de soporte para habla Hispana que ofrecer servicios a todos los paises en los que se habla Espaol. Details

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