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SiDiary is just a tool for managing your data of blood glucose levels etc. All changes on i.e. dosage of insulin, bg target values, correction rules etc. have to be discussed with your diabetes professional, as you've already done this before using SiDiary!

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THE USE OF PRODUCTS FOR HEALTH PURPOSES In the case that the software is used to organize relevant data for a therapy (i.e. diabetes), the software is suitable only as an aid to organizing data values you enter. Obviously the software can in no way substitute for medical care or therapy. Every change of therapy (i.e. carb ratios, correction rules, dosage of insulin) you must discuss with your doctor in just the same way as you had to and should have done prior to the use of the program. SINOVO, therefore, is not liable for health complications of any type, which may result from wrong therapy (i.e. wrong dosage of insulin). This also applies to advice the program may offer. Possible advice is offered without obligation and propriety and efficacy must be approved in detail by the treating physician. Particularly the usage of medical especially for diagnostic and health monitoring purposes, it is recommended that apart from the evaluation by the software other recordings are carried out as well as frequent data back-ups to ensure that data is not inadvertently lost and to ensure that monitoring can be assured by other means.

The freeware versions of SINOVO software can be copied, used and distributed for free. We would be glad to get feedback about our software.

The nutrition data that comes with SiDiary are taken from the USDA (National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 17).

All trademarks and brands used in this web are the property of their respective owners.

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