Translation packages included in SiDiary

Languages approved by SINOVO:

Flag English
Flag French/Franais
Flag German/Deutsch
Flag Italian/Italiano
Flag Russian/Русский
Flag Spanish/Espaol

Languages (partially) translated by the SiDiary community:

Flag Bosnian/Bosanski
Flag Catalan/Catal
Flag Chinese/中文
Croatian Croatian/Hrvatski
Flag Czech/Cesky
Flag Danish/Dansk
Flag Dutch/Nederlands
Flag Estonian/Eesti
Flag Finnish/Suomi
Flag Greek/Ελληνικά
Flag Hungarian/Magyar
Flag Lithuanian/Lietuvis
Flag Maltese/Malti *)
Flag Norwegian/Norvegiz
Flag Polish/Polskie
Flag Portuguese/Portugus
Flag Romanian/Romna
Flag Slovenian/Slovencina
Flag Slovak/Slovensky
Flag Swedish/Svenska
Flag Thai/ไทย
Flag Turk/Trk

*) This translation needs the font 'Malta'!

Please note that the languages (partially) translated by the SiDiary community are community translations of the interface. This means that they have been translated by SiDiary users who speak the respective language and have made them available to you. SINOVO health solutions GmbH does not guarantee the correctness and completeness of these translations. The use of these language packages is therefore at your own risk.

The SiDiary Translation module

You are interested in translating the user interface of SiDiary into your local language or to extend an already partially existing translation?
Then please send us an email to We will be glad to help you to activate the integrated translation module.

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